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Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Pyramid: In a Nutshell

JC Spice Corportation (JC Spice) has a video of their members or Independed Distributors as they call them, showing off their checks to prove how much they are earning per week. Most of them are getting unbelievably P100,000 to P300,000 per week.

There is this housewife who even showed us her house that she brags to have built in only two years that she's with JC Spice.

(your dream house in 2 years with JC Spice)

Most of you would ask if that is really possible with a sari-sari store business or with an initial investment of P10,000.

Is selling Purefoods, Goldilocks products etc will get you that far - P300,000 a week in 2 years? Or is there some other routes that you have to take to earn fast?

The Pyramid

In a very simple slide presentation below, with only 7 people investing, JC Spice can easily earn P62,000 - without even selling a piece of hotdog. Imagine if JC Spice has 500,000 victims? Imagine how much money JC Spice has now?

That P300,000 weekly income of these members are claiming to get is actually just 5-10% of what JC Spice is keeping somewhere.

The secret is in creating a Pyramid or commonly known as PEOPLE PAIRING.

Below is a quick explanation of how a Pyramid is bulit and how JC Spice can easily earn P62,000 without even selling.

Select your version

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- right click and download Powerpoint Slide (200kb)

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

JC Spice's Business Packages

Of all the business packages I've seen, I find JC Spice's amusing and stupid.

Normally, say a Business Package for a Sago cart, you'd probably get some cooked sago, syrup, plastic cups, etc. That way when you get home you can actually start selling and making money already.

For JC Spice, one of packages is worth P10,000. If it's for a Sari-Sari store, in order to get me started I would expect to see bags of popular brands of can goods, chips, soft drinks and other typical items found in a sari-sari store.

But the geniuses at JC Spice Corporation decided to put together own brand of papaya soaps, fragrances, lotion, glutathione, (of all things) etc. These JC Spice products are totally unheard of in the market !

How can you possibly sell them in your sari-sari store?

And what's worse, they carry Global Brands seal of approval. How is that possible? By putting garbage in a package that all your members had to buy when they sign up, you are in a way pushing the sales of those unknown products.

Yan ang pinaka mabenta sa amin, eh.

But of course! They are in the Business Package!

And on the corporate video presentation, you will hear testimonies saying with as little as P7,000 you can start a business and make P80k-300k a WEEK. Yeah, right.

Check out the following Packages and try to figure out for yourself if you can start a Sari-Sari store and start living your dreams.

P10,000 Business Package

P8,000 Business Package

P7,000 Business Package


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

JC Spice's Policy

Let's check key items in the Policy one by one.

On top of the list is a mention of SALE of PRODUCTs. Obviously, it's mentioned first so SEC will skip the rest of the policy.

In order for JC Spice to monitor your sales, you have to sign up somebody. Plain and Simple.

They are not interested with how much you are going to sell hotdogs or soaps you bought from them or check on your operating costs - that's too complicated for a sari-sari store owner and for JC Spice to handle. Mind you, even BIR is not requiring sari-sari stores to keep an accounting book. So, a disposed business package and the appointment of the victim as Independent Distributor is the only proof that you are selling their products.

(1.) "The primary objective of the company, as well as its partners, shall always be the SALE of products."

Having mentioned the obvious intention above, JC Spice Corporation had to impose a minimum amount of sales per month just to be consistent with the idea or objective of selling products. Of course a sari-sari store doesn't make much, and P500 maybe an ideal amount already.
5.) "To remain active, a independent distributor must abide by all rules and regulations and policies and must have achieved a minimum sales of Php 500.00 per month."

If for an unfortunate reason, the poor store could not even achieve the minimum amount (vis-a-vis could not even find a victim to sign up) JC Spice Corporation will cancel your status after 4 quarters of inactivity. The other reason for cancellation, is to boot your cheap Insurance Policy.

6.) "If the Independent Distributor remains to be inactive for a period of 4 consecutive quarters (one year) then he/she shall be deemed disinterested and the appointment as Independent Distributor expressly cancelled"

After you've signed up, this policy will be in your Business Package. Not known to you during orientation or even discussed prior to your joining. So please review the scanned version of the policy below.

(Notice that it doesn't even bear the official logo of the company.)

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Can you really make P300,000 a WEEK from a Sari-Sari?

C'mon people! Try to interview a sari-sari owner from your hood and ask him how much he is making a month by selling traditional-basic-need stuff.

It wouldn't amount to Php5-10k monthly. Even the store's nearest competition is 500 meters away or the store is located near a school or a busy district, I'm telling you, it will not gross or net P50k a month!

JC Spice Corporation is trying to convince us that with their "secret" formula - a true blue sari-sari store owner can earn up to P300k A WEEK and have his dream home and car just in a few months.

Their "policy" will tell you the mechanics of a "Sale". On top of P7,000 initial investment (or P10k depending on the package) you have to make sure you can make a "Sale" of P500 a month.

So, as a sari-sari owner, are you going to issue receipts now so they can monitor your sales? Of course not! Now, how in the world they would know you are selling their products?

Find a Victim

Common logic will tell you that you have to recruit so you can earn. Find a gullible person, show him a video presentation where an average fast food service crew is making P50k to P300k a WEEK, then ask him to sign up, that's when you've made an official sale because there is paperwork involved in signing him up, right?

(an ex-fastfood crew confessing here
he's earning P80,000-100,000 PER WEEK)

Like in every MLM, when Mr. Gullible signs up, you earn 10% of the purchased "business package". Say, the package is worth P10K, you earn P1,000 instantly. Isn't that very simple and less challenging than doing the actual trade of merchandise inside your little convenience store? If you are lazy, you can find your next victim next month for another P1,000 to your pocket.

The bottom line here is : You dont have to put up a sari-sari store or find a bantay (tindera), a good spot, a big enough place to sell JC Spice "cheap" products. All you have to do is pair people and build a pyramid.

Sign up at least one person and maintain the "required" monthly sale requirement. That easy.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

File a complaint with DTI and SEC if you think it's a scam

Ok. Ok. We will. Don't worry. We will. But before we do.

Ask any Filipino if he still believe in the justice system in the country.

Go to DTI and SEC and you will find lots of irregularities. Those are government agencies not spared from corruption. In fact every single government agency and even the Palace is corrupt.

Anybody with enough power and money can influence an application, complaint or what have you that involves those agencies. For the right "contribution", you can bribe even privately held companies, say, ask for Global Brands seal of approval.

Anyway, if you have accumulated an enormous amount of money like JC Spice, throwing bribe money in the window is nothing.

So, to challenge us to play a level playing field with you at DTI or SEC is like asking us to hit ourselves with a brick. The only way to beat you is by not falling for your sales pitches.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

What's the Controversy on JC Spice Corporation?

- That JC Spice is not a scam?
- That JC Spice is more People Pairing cum MLM cum Pyramiding scheme than sari-sari setup?
- That JC Spice is an honest to goodness business that any poor filipino can have a life from?
- That JC Spice Franchising scheme is no more than just an extension of their warehouse that franchisee will pay for, instead of JC Spice making their filipino "endorsed" products more accessible to their "distributors".
- That JC Spice products' are "recognized" with Global Brands logo because they were "pushed" as kits to members (distributors) instead of being easily accessible and available to consumers?

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